featuring anya alinea, Elizabeth Calderone, Alexis DiRese, Ahyoung Kim, Davin Kim, Daniel James Mayor, Roc, Hope Shrader, Peter Yun

The virtuality of this exhibition is not its compromise but its subject matter. The nine artists who make up [Enter the THIRD PARTY SELLERS] have used remote engagement as a driving conceptual force and practical tool in their resilient artistic exploration over the past few months. These artists engage a wide variety of technologies and dissemination patterns- from animation to machine learning, from photography to photogrammetry- to question our evolving relationship with images and the people and places they portend to be tethered to in the physical world. How does an invisibly transmitted virus that has brought about seismic physical, economic, and social change impact our belief in art, second-hand accounting, and truth? These questions are not easily, if at all, answerable, but these nine Rutgers Media 1B artists are ready to sell you on their early propositions. 

Media 1B Fall 2020 is taught by Ryan Woodring with assistance from Eliza Doyle