Peter Yun

Metal Vessel, Fleshy Cravings. 2020. HD Video.

Yun’s video gives a humorous glimpse into the world of physicalized chat-bots. Two avatars- stand-ins for remote individuals and what appears to be a AI dating service- sit at an outdoor cafe with stereotypically romantic accordion melodies gracing them while one of them accuses the other of infidelity. Yun’s work comically undermines the suspension of disbelief endemic to the human app user who communicates with an AI that is both responsive to them but trained to be maximally efficient for an ever-growing consumer base. -RW

Video Transcript:

avatar 1: “Hey how have you been babe?”

avatar 2: “A little tired since I just got off work but I was excited to see you.”…..”Hey are you still there?”

avatar 1: “Yep..I was just thinking.”

avatar 2: “Are you okay? You don’t seem yourself. You haven’t even touched your holographic poutine?”

avatar 1: “I dunno. I’ve just been thinking.”

avatar 2: “Thinking about what?”

avatar 1: “Okay, will you do something for me?

avatar 2: “Something for you? Sure.”

avatar 1: “Even if it is a little stupid…would you still do it?”

avatar 2: “What’s bothering you? You know I can’t deny a request from you.”

avatar 1: “Say you’re my one and only.”

avatar 2: “What?”

avatar 1: “Say you’re my one and only.”

avatar 2: “What brought this up?”

avatar 1: “Why didn’t you say it?”

avatar 2: “I dunno it just seemed so sudden. Does this matter that much to you”

avatar 1: “Yes, now please, I’m requesting that you say it.”

avatar 2: “You are someone very near and dear to my heart.”

avatar 1: “You didn’t say it.”

avatar 2: “I wouldn’t be here without you.”

avatar 1: “You still won’t say it.”

avatar 2: “Dear. You are mine and I am yours. Now I don’t what brought up this outburst but it’s ruining this evening. Please, stop this.”

avatar 1: “You still haven’t said it. You still won’t say it. You were never mine to begin with, were you? You bitch, you just used me for my money”

avatar 2: “I’ve had enough. System log off.”

“thank you for using Yours Truly. We hope you had a wonderful time with one of our representatives. Please come again and tell your friends about it too. Yours Truly.”

avatar 1: “Hey don’t just log off….System, log off”


person: “Hey you good you sound a bit tired.”

computer:  “Yeah I am a little since I just got off work but I was also excited to see you.”