Daniel James Mayor

Turtle Love-a Lamp. 2020. Product Web Site.

Project link: https://turtlelavalamp.wixsite.com/turtlelavalamp

Turtle Love-a-Lamp directly addresses capitalism and provides a perfect example of the lengths corporations go towards in order to sell a “cute” product, regardless of the impacts they have on wildlife. The pleasure of the customers in the images on the site starkly contradicts the suffering these turtles endure. – DJM

image description: medium wide angle photographic composite image in which a young man at the far right of the image sits at a desk with a laptop. He is grinning approvingly at a lava-lamp on the left side of the image with no less than three baby turtles swimming in it. He sits right over left leg and with one hand holding up his head and another on the desk in front of him. The image is drenched in a warm green and yellow light.