Ahyoung Kim

Food Fight. 2020. Food Competition Blog. 

Project Link: https://ak164298.wixsite.com/foodfight

Kim’s Food Fight is a playful take on consumer review and reality competition culture. Made-up restaurants are given a mix of angry reviews on a Wix site taking itself very seriously while dinosaur-shaped chicken nugget photos flash on the screen. Kim’s blog and its fantastical restaurants speak to the hegemonic review practices that restaurants and other establishments are beholden to. -RW

Image description: A screenshot of the artist website with a banner up top that reads WELCOME, THE 5 FOODS, and The Winner!!!!(Spoiler Alert). A digital diptych sits below, on the left side is an overhead image of a tray of dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets. On the right is a blurry image of a pasta with a red sauce spread over it and onto the plate below.