Davin Kim

Guns for Everyone. 2020. Product Site. 

Project link: https://www.flipsnack.com/F5C9C6DD75E/media_magazine.html

Guns for Everyone is a fabricated product pamphlet for a series of laser guns. Riffing on the discomforting coalescence between simulated and physical weapon fetishization, Kim’s magazine toys the line between ridiculous and believable. She lets us sit with this discomfort as we can only wonder whether these are real weapons, toys, or video game add-ons. -RW

image description: A screenshot of one of the spreads in the pamphlet. On the left spread a large black text reads BOOM GUN with a subheading “The ONE THAT SHOOTS LASERS”. On the opposite page is a logo with a cartoonish kid with medium length hair and grin looking behind them and holding a gun. Both the text and logo sit above a background image that appears to be some kind of white latex paint or adhesive material slightly wrinkled. In the bottom right corner of the right-side page reads “for everyone, even your dog.”