Some Follow-Up Questions

June 9–July 1, 2022
Westbeth Gallery
Open Wednesday/Sunday, 1–6pm.

Presented at Westbeth Gallery Some Follow-Up Questions is a group exhibition of work by Steph Zimmerman, Misra Walker, Bruno Smith, Anoushé Shojae-Chaghorvand, Gabriel Sacco, Katerina Pansera, Ella Kandel, Perri Hofmann, Kyle B. Co., Shamia Gaither, Miranda Friedman, Peggy Chiang, and Stephanie Boyer. Organized by Jen Shear, Nora Normile, Park McArthur, and Jason Hirata, the exhibition’s title comes from a Rutgers University course taught by McArthur and Hirata in the Spring of 2020 that focused on the multitude of roles and people who shape what we think of as conventions for experiencing, distributing, and conserving works of art.

Westbeth Gallery is part of a residential complex that includes homes, artists’ studios as well as exhibition and rehearsal spaces in what is now known as Westbeth Housing Development Fund Corporation, a not-for-profit entity that inhabits a former Bell Laboratories building located at West and Bethune streets in New York City. Westbeth’s first residents moved in in 1970.

The artists in this exhibition, as well as those who organized it, are part of a half century of graduate degree education at Rutgers University that prioritizes research and experimentation across artistic media and disciplines.

Some Follow-Up Questions is open June 9–July 1, 2022 with a reception Thursday, June 9 from 6–8pm. Masks required and provided.

The gallery is open Wednesday–Sunday 1–6pm. Tours by phone and in person are available. Please call +1 929-618-4831 for a tour via Phone/Whatsapp/Skype.

Exhibition documentation will be available online and in a forthcoming pamphlet: Website by Sophie Auger.

Westbeth Gallery is located at 55 Bethune Street New York, New York 10014 and online at:

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