Art in Residence examines what it means to have a home function as more than just a domestic space.  The exhibition serves as an engaging virtual tour of our home which has also become a studio space and workspace during the pandemic. This collection of “lived in” images portrays a relatable and at times satirical narrative of how the pandemic has altered the ways in which we live. The works exhibited invite the viewer to reflect on the past year’s societal trends. 

Art in Residence also questions the superiority of a traditional white-walled gallery. The pandemic has restricted our ability to show work in a traditional setting, but in turn has liberated our work from this constraint. Disregarding our preconceived notion of art in relation to white walls has allowed us to expand our practices into site-specific, experimental, and intimate grounds.


Emily Graf (MGSA ’21) is a senior at Mason Gross concentrating in photography. 

Serafina Kennedy (MGSA ’22) is a junior at Mason Gross concentrating in painting.

Lauren Krasnoff (MGSA ’22) is a junior at Mason Gross concentrating in painting.