Konstantin Pribylov

Dystopia vs. Sustainability

Greetings, my name is Kosta, Kostya or k0sp. I am Mason Gross senior with a drawing concentration. Originally from Moscow, Russia, now an immigrant based in New Brunswick, NJ. Originally, my exhibition plan was to make an entire exhibition from one of my collections. I am still finishing up on 17 sustainable development goals. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the government of the country I am from has committed acts of crime against our brotherly nation: Ukraine. Some of my ancestors are also from Ukraine. I want people to realize that even the soldiers don’t want this war, and this is only a war of one man and his ideas: Vladimir Putin. His regime had affected the lives of many destinies: political killings, bombed buildings, and destruction of the Russian economy. His energy is focused on enriching his friends. With my exhibit Dystopia vs. Sustainability, I combine two collections. On one side, talk about Putin’s pyramid and Russian corruption, Ukrainian Invasion. Dictatorships are strange, what’s even more strange is being born in one. On the other hand, I talk about some of the UN sustainable development goals, of what we, humans, should be worried about on a global level. I explore issues of world sustainability on one side and personal politics on the other. I also enjoy meticulous documentation of my work aka time-lapses: which are available with all of the artworks in the show.