Deziree Jordyn

Where do we go from here?

The room is meant to step between time and into the space of conscious thinking. Posing questions to think about, not answers.

The intimate moments we chose to document and the things we keep are the sum of who we are. No two are the same; it is inevitable to fall victim to misunderstanding one another because of this. Yet how can we view the moments and objects of others to reflect the questions back on ourselves and challenge our own perspectives? While there may be misunderstanding there are plenty of similarities in experiences. Working specifically with found vernacular photography and objects allows for direct access to uncrafted, real experiences.

The objects collectively create stories, intertwining amongst each other. As we do when we as people collect. The documentation of these articles through installation, painting/collage and sculpture represent a narrative of the weaving webs of humanity and pose questions of perspective, belonging, and the intangible aspects of existing.

The revolution will be internal.