Jiaqi Wu

Booklet: Afternoons

 Exploring the Healing Element of Light and Nature 

I have always found the view outside my window attractive. I translated my thoughts about the current events surrounding quarantine into a series of scenery drawings. During this period of isolation, I developed my first thesis study for my undergraduate exhibition. As an artist I wanted to draw the most memorable moment of my day so that people who saw my drawings could feel the warmth and comfort I felt.

Quarantine time often makes people feel anxious, that is why I want to do something to help people feel better. I suffered with it myself for a period of time, during quarantine . Eventually, I noticed that when I spend time in nature and sunlight it makes me feel safe and confident. When the afternoon sunlight pours in through my window and shines on the wooden floor, with shadows of trees and leaves, me in a way similar to meditating. Through this realization, I was able to achieve a level of self healing. It helped me to get through the situation. In my drawings, I wanted my viewers to feel the same warmth and tranquility. I wanted  the audience to feel the comfort that I get when I look outside your window. 

I returned to my pictures, looking for elements that could help people feel calm. It turned out that natural lighting and views from outside my window played a big part in those pleasing scenes. I realized that natural elements from outside the home are important to people who spend prolonged periods indoors. The landscapes from outside the home dictates what we see from inside our homes. I would like to study the consequences of building a landscape, and how it could impact people’s feelings. So, my drawings are a study of those elements and the recreation of those scenes and how they  heal people. I want my art to be helpful to people. I am interested in the exploration of “Healing art”. Pastel is what I am using. The soft edges and dreamy quality could be a support for archiving my goal.