How It Started...

By Briana McLaurin

Detail from “Round a Harmony”

          How it Started… is a collection of seven paintings that touch upon ideas of time and reflection. Inspired by a DIY photoshoot that my family conducted in our unfinished basement, these paintings serve as the prelude to my sisters’ much anticipated successful careers in the beauty industry. One day in the future, we will look back at these paintings and see just how far we have come. The three large pieces commemorate the behind-the-scenes moments of the photoshoot, staying true to my practice of painting my family members. Meanwhile, the three smaller images, created throughout the year, are self-portraits painted in front of a mirror. These portraits coincide with the larger painting of myself that is also included. All of these portraits were done purely out of enjoyment, during moments in my life where I may have changed my appearance, like my hairstyle or makeup, thus inspiring me to paint. They are the beginning to a life-long series committed to self-portraits over time.

"Round a Memory (The Artists)" 72 x 60 in. Oil, Glitter, and Metallic Acrylic on Canvas, 2021
"Round a Melody" 72 x 60 in. Oil and Glitter on Canvas, 2021
"Round a Harmony" 72 x 72 in. Oil and Glitter on Canvas, 2021
"Working Title" 12 x 9 in. Oil on Canvas, 2020
"Working Title Cont." 12 x 9 in. Oil on Canvas, 2021
"Still a Working Title" 12 x 9 in. Oil on Canvas, 2021
"Self Portrait" 40 x 30 in. Oil on Canvas, 2020

Stay tuned for part 2 of this series, How it’s Going, coming in ten years…