Sunkeerth Reddy

Exploring design, environment and the interior using Virtual reality. A virtual space that exists on Web 3.0 and the metaverse. A new and innovative way to explore design in a unique tailored free to roam experience paired with ambient sound with 3D modeled objects and textures that live in my RTFKT Loot pod.

A visual explorer that aims to allow his viewers to experience the constant parade of colorful three-dimensional experiences that exist behind his closed eyes. My creative process revolves around challenging the mind to visualize one aspect from a multitude of perspectives. With a mission to allow viewers to stop searching and consuming information from the real world, and transcend to an inner reality, an invented world designed to enhance the connection between the viewer and the artist. A way to advance and progress my artistic intentions alongside technology. Creating an experience that allows humans to turn their minds inside out and express themselves.

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