Michael Berliner

The Complete Archive's goal is to encapsulate my own experiences, interactions, and research on the LGBTQIA+ community. The final style of this archive is more of an abstract celebration of the themes, attitudes, and narratives that my community and I experience, rather than a starkly documentary driven piece. The book includes 16 black and white film photos and 8 digital color photos, along with some of my own writing in order to relate my own experiences to abstract images that support some of the same themes and attitudes of both myself and my fellow community members.

Hello there, my name is Michael Berliner. I am a designer and photographer based in New Jersey, currently studying at Rutgers Mason Gross. My work focuses on subjects in my community, as I explore deeper narratives and unconventional techniques. I want my work to not only reflect my own experiences within the LGBTQIA+ community, but also highlight my peers’ voices and show connection between the many sub-groups of my community. Aesthetically, I enjoy playing with light, contrast, color, body abstraction, mirroring and other aspects of photo and design to create work that helps me depict some of these ideas, expressions and narratives.

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