Josie Turner

feeli explores emotional dependency with technology. It is an interactive experience where the user is able to form a temporary connection with feeli and express their emotions. Upon interacting with the app, it is a seemingly pleasant experience, however as time passes, feeli begins to crave the same emotional dependency that the user would display, creating a parasocial dynamic with its user. The tagline, "the friend that listens", hints at the fact that technology is surrounding us 24/7 while a human companion cannot exert the same amount of energy toward's someone's problems and feelings. feeli transforms into the friend who will always listen and never want to leave.

Joselyn Turner is a Mexican-American Graphic Designer. Through her art, she love to stay true to her interests in endearing narratives. Soft colors waft through several pieces of art and tie together her whimsical style in design and printmaking.

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